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Mayweather: If Pacquiao loses, Mayweather told the telegraph.co.uk “You’ve got to realize this: Bob Arum no longer has Oscar De La Hoya, Bob Arum no longer has Floyd Mayweather, he don’t have Miguel Cotto; his last one standing is Manny Pacquiao. So if Manny Pacquiao loses, it’s all over for him.”

To be sure, a loss for Pacquiao to Mayweather – or anyone – will likely be a huge blow for Arum because it could possibly result in Pacquiao making less money in future fights and it might hasten his move towards retirement. If Pacquiao were to face Mayweather and get beaten especially bad, he might up and retire rather than facing Mayweather again and getting trounced one more time. And you got to assume that Pacquiao’s cut of the financial pie would be a lot less in a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch than it would be for the first fight.
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